Changes in RandMAX v2.g

By neffets, 27 September, 2006

Changes in version 2.g
In detail, I did some minor changes to RANDMAX ...

Subject: Minor revisions: Randmax, plantabl, strategy guide
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 22:05:13 +0200
From: Thomas Voigt


in case anybody still uses those really old utilities: I put some revised stuff up on my webpage, Feel free to download this stuff and put it on sites where it has a better chance to be spotted by players.

In detail, I did some minor changes to RANDMAX, which was originally written by Steffen Pietsch. However, since he's not playing anymore I will support RANDMAX for the time being, so if you have requests or bug reports, just mail them to me. For a complete change log see below.

I also put up a new version of my old strategy guide, "How to play with the big guys". I sent the (slightly revised) version to Donovan months ago, but seems he's no longer maintaining his VGAP pages, so I'll make it available here.

And something slightly obscure: Plantabl. Did you ever ask what "pt" stands for in "ptscore"? It actually stands for "PlanTabl". Plantabl has a statistics page that displays a quick overview over your empire - mineral totals, money, (pt)scores and growth. (It has other tables, but there exist much better utilities to keep track of your planets. But keep in mind that plantabl was originally written in 1994.) The only change is that it reads the main data from the player subdirectory now, which supports playing with multiple shiplists.

Regards, Thomas

randmax change log:

v2.g: (September 2006)

    - (bugfix) colonist taxation was sometimes off by 1 percent,
      causing taxes to be 1% too high or too low
    - (bugfix) natives are no longer taxed down to 40 (or the
      nth value)
      before they reach their population maximum
    - (bugfix) the maximum income (mmc switch) is now checked for the
      sum of native and colonist taxes, and works correctly for
      Insectoid natives.
    - (host 3.2/ phost v3.3c change) Siliconoid max population is now
      100.000*temp  if the cda (Crystals prefer deserts) switch is
    - (new) added "bas" switch (Borg assimilation safetax): Works if
      planet owner is Borg and there are still natives (except
      Amorphs). In this case only the safetax will be used, and no
      tax if the happyness is below 96.
    - (new) tax rates can be now adjusted using the ctr and ntr
      switches. Please  note that you must set this parameter if you
      play a race with a nonstandard taxrate (i.e. Federation with
      200% tax bonus).
    - (new) csn switch added for Crystal sinus behaviour in PHOST. If
      CrystalDesertAdvantage is ON, then Crystals will grow on arctic
      planets if sinus behaviour is disabled, but they will not grow
      on arctic planets if sinus behaviour is enabled.
    - (new) mcc switch added to define the minimum number of
      colonists for colonist taxations. This could be configured with
      the ctx option, but only in terms of millions. Now you can
      enter the exact amount of clans for taxation. For
      compatibility, the old ctx option behaves as
      usual, but is overridden by an mcc command. Note that the
      ctx option is still necessary, without it colonists are not

Thomas Voigt