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The following is in English, because that is the language normally used in VGA-Planets games (VGAP).

How Can I Begin?

The Idea behind VGA Planets

For the player

  • Introduction to VGA-Planets (Einführung) for older MSDOS
  • VGAP Mini-FAQ
  • How it works (with visual imagination)
  • RandMAX a player utility for managing planets (written by Steffen P.) - Last Release v2.g on 2006/09/27 now maintained by Thomas Voigt
  • official old site from 1991 are closed, 2021-project now is how

Changes in RandMAX v2.g

Changes in version 2.g
In detail, I did some minor changes to RANDMAX …


RandMAX Documentation

Documentation for RandMAX utility to manage Your resources in VGA-Planets.

You can specify the build parameters for every planet seperately and you can also give general orders that work for every planet that has no order.



Most of the commands that you give your planets are ‚routine‘ stuff. You maximize your factories, change your friendly codes (especially if you play against the Birds) and you tax your natives. This needs a lot of time and very few thinking.
RANDMAX will do all these work for you completely automatic while you have still full control over your planets.



VGA Planets 3.0

Perhaps a little more explaination is required. It is a game of planetary conquest played on a computer with up to 11 players. Players make their moves, pack up their turn and send to a host who then runs everones turns at the same time.


Introduction to VGA-Planets

From: Steffen …
Subject: planets vga info…
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 1994 07:35:39 +0100

Hello planeteers,

VGA-planets is a shareware multiplayer-game in a virtual universe.

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