Von neffets, 18. September 2006

VGA Planets 3.0

Perhaps a little more explaination is required. It is a game of planetary conquest played on a computer with up to 11 players. Players make their moves, pack up their turn and send to a host who then runs everones turns at the same time. The results of each persons moves are sent back to them and they make their next set of moves. In effect, all players make their moves at the same time. The process keeps repeating itself until the end of the game.

But, IMHO, what makes it different and, therefore, more challanging then games such as Wolfenstein, is the fact that you are playing against HUMAN players. You can eventually beat and even master a game against a computer (Wolfenstein). Computers games are only as smart and variable as what their programming allows them to be. - Not so with human opponents.

There are ftp sites in Colorado and Berlin where the game files and numerous utilities are kept. I would post these addresses if I had them handy. Just keep reading this newgroup and you will see them and also pick up more info.

(excerpt from thougts in 1994)